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A wikia for the Minecraft and Discord servers named Nomad MC, and their Fallout Dallas roleplay/fanfiction world and storyline.

Vault 45 is built as a large-scale Vault for Oak Cliff, Dallas - but, after its door seals on the day of the Great War, its residents are left unaware of the Enclave project the Vault was really built for. An army of Enclave soldiers is to use a cryogenics system in the Vault in order to outlive the radiation and help claim the post-War world. Ten years later, when the residents discover the plan and find out that it would leave the citizens inside to die, the Great Uprising soon follows, and the Vault 45 residents overtake the Overseer's Enclave army using his own armory. But with the Vault's key resources already set to expire, the residents have no choice but to entire the cryogenics themselves.

200 years later, the dwellers emerge.

You are one of these dwellers.

Dallas awaits you.


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Nomad MC Minecraft ServerEdit

The Nomad MC server ( was opened by Nomad1134 on October 5, 2014. It is currently hosted by ExtraVM.

Since 2016, NMC has been a server dedicated to the fan world Fallout: Dallas.

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